Daddy's Mini-Me

is a children's book about the proud moments of a father as he cheers on the early developmental stages of his baby.

Daddy's Mini Me

Daddy’s Mini-Me is a children’s book about the proud moments of a father as he cheers on the early developmental stages of his baby. It is a 32-page, fully illustrated, hardcover children’s picture book written for ages: newborn to 4 years old. Daddy’s Mini-Me was illustrated by Ted M. Sandiford, a Saint Lucia artist who is a father of 6 children.

The Inspiration

For the first time ever, I found myself in a Father-Son bonding moment. On that same day, I made a promise that history will never repeat itself and I will always be there for my children. After the birth of my son, I decided to take a year off work so that I could capture every moment of his life. Daddy’s Mini-Me was created based on these proud and special moments that I was able to witness during his early developmental stages.

A Teaser from the Story

-“Daddy, Daddy, look at me, I can smile when you smile at me.”
-“I am looking, I can see. You can smile just like me!”
-“go, Go GO, my Mini-me!” 
…and so the story continues

Arnold Henry

Arnold Henry, former NCAA Division I basketball player, is a nonfiction author, a motivational speaker and a skill development basketball trainer who strives to inspire youth through the use of his personal life experience. He was born on February 11, 1985 on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia where he was presented the 2001 National Junior Male Basketball Player of the Year award. Two years later, upon completing a post-secondary year at Massanutten Military Academy of Woodstock, Virginia, Arnold accepted an offer from the University of Vermont, where he became the first Saint Lucian freshman to achieve a full basketball scholarship.

In spring 2009, Arnold obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Arnold Henry has held multiple book signings and motivational speaking engagements in cities across Canada, England, Mexico, and Saint Lucia. He was one of the featured authors of Calgary’s 16th annual Wordfest. When he’s not writing or working on his public speaking skills, he’s volunteering his time using his words of empowerment to motivate foster kids and at risk youths of selected programs across the city.

Arnold has spoken at literary conferences, libraries and dozens of high schools in Alberta encouraging students to triumph over all adversities. Arnold has also been featured and interviewed by leading radio shows, TV programs, newspapers and magazines in Canada, the Caribbean, and the UK. Arnold now lives in Chestermere, Alberta Canada with his wife and their son.

Visit his website at, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @arnoldhenry, or become a fan on Facebook at Author Arnold Henry.

In The Media

On February 21, 2018, Author Arnold Henry received a stereotypical rejection letter from a children’s book agent. The letter stated, “In today’s market, stories on African American “fathers” is such a tough sell.”

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